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the ability to pet and hold dogs and other animals (with no necessarily beneficial ramifications upon the mechanics of the game) is the most important advancement in video games in the past 10-15 years.


When you follow someone because they’re cute and then they turn out to be really annoying


Just for once i would like there to be a part in an episode where ash phones misty or dawn and we see them for like 5 seconds then he hangs up.

Like Ash attempts to call Misty and she answers the phone, but you don’t see her face, only a brief “hello” before there’s some electrical power outage at the Pokemon Center or whatever the cuts the video feed, and you never see her again.


I would think that Kanto through Sinnoh would be off by one hour from one another like the US, so like Hoenn would be the equivalent of Pacific and Sinnoh would be the equivalent of Eastern.

Yeah, that actually makes sense, Sinnoh would be ahead of Hoenn by like three hours.

You have to wonder if timezones exist in the Pokemon world, I kinda headcanon that Kanto through Sinnoh occupy the same general time zone but Unova and Kalos are the time zone equivalent to America and France and are therefore a few hours ahead of the first four. I can kinda understand Oak being there to pick up the phone (as he’s the only one Ash tends to call regularly on-screen) since he’s probably a workaholic and has little time for sleep, but I imagine Ash would be someone who would call his friends at inadequate hours of the day for them where they live and he would always forget to consider the time zones.


Head canon: Ash always calls Misty late at night. Every time she acts annoyed and grumpy and demands why he can’t call her during times when normal people are awake. It reminds him of the old days on the road, when she was right there, and he’d poke her shoulder until she woke up and grumpily asked what he wanted. They’d stay up late into the night sharing secrets and thoughts. And even though she always acts annoyed he knows she treasures this moment, the one where there’s no one else but them, just as much as him. And it doesn’t matter how far away he is, this is one thing he is never giving up.

I really dislike having a roomate, not because of the roomate in question, just the principle of the whole thing.

something tells me starfish girl will be important

Clannad is an excellent anime, good choice! I even cried at one point.

Well im a very easy crier so this will be fun!

God I hate you so much Poli


God I hate you so much Poli



kasuria replied to your post:What is Clannad? Another anime more lolicon show?

Honestly the moe is overwhelming sometimes but it’s worth it to look past it.

Pretty much my only major gripe is the artstyle for the females (not a fan of the eyes) but otherwise no problems, then again im only like two episodes in so it’s a bit early to make assumptions, haha.

I think the art is like that because it was originally a dating sim.

The story revolves around a sarcastic and sometimes-aloof boy named Tomoya, who meets a shy girl named Nagisa on his first day of school. At first Nagisa seems like a very sterotypical moe heroine. She’s small, sickly, and shy. She stutters and is very clumsy. But as the series goes on, and especially in After Story,  we see how much inner strength she possesses.

You would expect Tomoya to be the one who is always supporting her, but in reality she is the one who is Tomoya’s “rock”. It is because of Nagisa that Tomoya changes from a cynical teenager to a mature and reliable man.

The theme of Clannad is “family” (from “clan”). More specifically, it is about how you can create your own family with the people who love and support you. Tomoya’s mother is dead and his father is an alcoholic. Nagisa’s parents run a bakery and encouraging her to follow her dreams. The contrast between the two is huge, and Tomoya is reasonably intimidated at first. But the way that they invite him into their family and how he and Nagisa become something is one of the most touching stories I’ve ever seen in anime.

These feelings really only came to me during After Story though. After Story takes place in the few years following their graduations from high school. The main series of Clannad was simple and enjoyable, with some very emotional moments. But After Story was something else. So if you watch Clannad and think its just “eh”, please don’t stop until you’ve given After Story a chance!

Fainting because of some rain? Jesus this girl is weak. 

Psh, Tomoya and his daddy issues.