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I have this headcanon that after Latios and Darkrai, Tobias has really weak pokemon, like Geodude, Starly, Bidoof and Zubat.

Well id figure he would need strong Pokemon to CATCH the legendaries in the first place.


From the very supportive Anon comes this: 

Imagine Barry and Ursula going to a ball and Barry in all the excitement and everything spills coffee on her dress. At first, she throws a huge hissy fit but then ends up slinking to the ground with real tears in her eyes. He immediately stops his anger at her at her “overreacting” and frantically becomes in a rush to calm her down. She still seethes with rage and a hint of guilt and real disappointment but seeing the crazy kid run around for her, doing so much, trying his 100% hardest to make her “normal” again…. “okay” again…….just makes her want to laugh out loud. And she does. It’s weird for the both of them though.

This laugh sounds a bit shaky and hoarse and not as perfect and haughty and rich as her “normal laugh” is. It’s a real laugh. Not filled with arrogance and pompous and all the fake. Purely genuine. A laugh she only shared with herself….until that moment. But, he likes it. No he loves it. Loves her. And that crazy laugh. Her good kind of a crazy laugh. Her crazy to not fall for laugh. He manages a smile that isn’t overly exaggerated and grinning cartoonly from ear to ear. But, a real genuine soft smile. Ursula’s finally to embarrassed to face him for the first time. Because she accidentally gave a real laugh. What now?

After a deep breath and an prolonged awkward silence, Barry opens his mouth to say just a little condescendingly and a bit annoyingly in her opinion, “I’m fining you…….for never showing me your million dollar laugh once!!!! Not once!!!! During that “all of my treasures and riches” tour even!!!!” She pouts her lip a bit but still manages to get flustered with his words looking up at him with a small annoyed smile as her only response. This moment leads to the gateways to them become more closer to each other……. More real.

Since you got asked about Tobias, how would you have concluded the Sinnoh League, rather than presenting Tobias as an obvious roadblock?

I think Ash should have won it personally, but I have trouble of thinking how one would TOP Ash vs Paul with two matches to go? I think Tobias could still be in the League, but he ONLY has a Darkrai and the rest of his team is just normal strong Pokemon, with Darkrai being the last Pokemon Ash has to defeat to win the League. No idea who the Semifinal match would be though, I think you maybe could bump Paul vs Ash up to there and have Ash face a COTD or something.

I blame Poli for this

I blame Poli for this


What if the night Kenny finds out Dawn is officially dating someone else, he gets really depressed and goes to a small bar in Twinleaf to drown away his sorrows, and Leona comes in and talks to him after not seeing him for years and somehow…makes…everything…better…

I need to stop.

Tomioka can do good that’s for sure, but that’s because he seems to be against the mindset everyone else on the writing staff seems to be going for the most part? Like I think it’s kinda weird that Ash has been pretty lax this arc yet the one episode that isnt written by Tomioka so far gives him the inappropriate hero moment like XY has done so many times before (the next episode makes him lead the team against team Squritle, but im sure that’s just trailer fuel and things will be different in the actual episode since it’s Tomioka written). Does make me a bit worried for future episodes despite Tomioka laying down the groundwork for future good developments since he rarely is the head writer.


It’s hard to express in words how much this scene meant to me.

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I have liked every single one of your posts. plz notise me senpai. no not you senpai get back to pokemon training.

I just want to know for my own curiosity. Why.

When ash sprains his leg that music is so fucking intense

yeah I liked it

Love your blog

thanks, and thank you for liking literraly everything I ever post, I almost doubted you were human for a second.

In xy 40 when the professor was talking about pokevision jessie said she wants to make one so could this be alluding to mabey a return of jesselina?


I actually have a headcanon that Ursula is way into fitness and general conditioning because she believes that a Coordinator must be just as fit and athletic as their own Pokemon, so here she is in the middle of a morning jog.

I actually have a headcanon that Ursula is way into fitness and general conditioning because she believes that a Coordinator must be just as fit and athletic as their own Pokemon, so here she is in the middle of a morning jog.

Sinful or Conjunction


Conjunctionshipping is actually my Poke villain otp.

C'mon, there's no need to be rude to illustrious-rocket because they reached a different conclusion to you. Ease up.

I simply asked a question but okay anon.:/