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when the two smartest kids in the class get different answers



As for Satoshi’s personality changes and the males:

Takeshi was the typical male side kick of the 90’s the flirt, the girl obsessed boy, usually also of a different race than the main character, there for comic relief 

Dento was the as much as it pains me to say this because I usually really really hate this trope the Bishounen pretty boy, perfect at everyone, everyone loves him etc. A popular secondary character replacing the flirt. Their role is also comic relief and they usually aren’t as perfect as they look

Citron is the shy awkward character who’s purpose is usually to look up to the main and also provide comic relief with how, awkward they are ahhh look at the cute little nervous sidekick we want them to succeed. But they are also super smart and show off from time to time

Satoshi’s development is interesting and now his characterization in XY makes totally sense to me

In OS he was the typical male idiot ball hero, didn’t understand love, wants to be the best at their goal somehow overcomes all obstacles in an unique way.

In AG once Haruka the shoujo was introduced he improved and grew adding on a mentor role helping in the girls quest inspiring the girl to do her best. He couldn’t have the idiot ball because the girl needed it

In DP, main character rivalries was revived as some of the bigger animes had their rival arcs. It made sense then for Satoshi to be more experienced than ever and be given a rival equal in skill that he has to overcome. Overcoming rivals during that time was a big theme in anime

BW is a little strange, the rivalry arcs ended in other animes, there was no main thing going on just cute characters getting into cute antics fillerish animes and design changes. That’s why BW is so out there and different, the anime industry at this time had no trope everything was reinventing itself there was no standard hero personality. BW tried to reset him but it didn’t work.

By XY the anime industry sorted itself out and found powerful hero characters are the way to go, so thus Satoshi’s personality warped again to be the incredible hero to all. That’s why there is no older male sidekick, that’s his role now he doesn’t need an elder sidekick to show him the way instead he shows his group the way.

The point of this if you read it all is all this complaining about Pokemon being tropes? It’s always been tropes depending on what is popular at this time. Just at this point its slightly more obvious than it has been in a while.

Keep an eye on what’s coming up, that will give us a hint to the next girl’s personality, our sidekick and how Satoshi will act next gen

Thinking about it, yeah Dawn is pretty much a idol/magical girl.

Her call sign is "Charm up" and she releases her Pokemon in pretty sparkles and effects for fuck’s sake.


I actually think poli-swirl is a Poliwhirl, don’t ruin the illusion for me.




Actually thinking about it, the main girls of the Pokemon anime all have something to say about the popular tropes in the anime industry at the time

Kasumi- Tsundere, makes frequent use of slap stick, yelling, hiding a crush etc. The 90’s was a very popular time for tsunderes.

Haruka- Generic shoujo girl, Shoe Shuu was the generic rival love interest, Harley the androgynous manipulator trying to get in her way, And early 2000’s was a rival of magical girl anime

Hikari- more shoujo, dresses up in cute clothes, has a depression and overcoming arc, contests became more vibrant, basically a main character in her own right. Popular at the time? Idol/Magical idol anime 

Iris- very energetic, youngest of the main girls (Eureka isn’t the main girl) large expressive eyes. At this time the design of anime was renevating for more childish faces and bigger eyes (yes the moe style) and genki girls were huge

Serena-shy, crushing from afair, treats her Pokemon like a pet, highly advertised but does’t seem to do much. Yet. Now? Waifu animes and dating sim animes are hitting the scene.

I dunno I thought it was an interesting look through Pokemon history xD 



the  new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

Twist: conversely, I’ll have to also tell you one thing I like about it.


poli-swirl when she’s oblivious to the imminent threats before her.


poli-swirl when she’s oblivious to the imminent threats before her.

Lets talk about me! (but you dont if you dont want to xp)


noodlerama will build you up with rad fanart, awesome Dawn analyses, and DP feels in general, and then make all your hopes and dreams crumble with his heart-shattering deathcanons. He will tag team with dracoflarex and protector-of-kalos plotting out deathcanons. He will join forces with suift-duroo to engage in the downfall of a certain Tumblr user who’s named after a tubby blue water pokemon that has been stabbed with a Fearow, their most famous saying being, “Go home, Poli. You’re drunk.” Do not put your trust in this guy at all costs. He is a life ruiner. He ruins lives.

But putting all that aside, I’d say I’ve been pretty fortunate enough to know this guy for awhile, and he is truly another blessing to the Pokeani fandom. His art is unique and really cool, he’s super into analyzing the anime in a very open-minded and partial way, and yet it’s a joy to see him leave his serious side at times and helplessly fanboy over Pearlshipping, the Japanese OPs/EDs and other aspects of the anime he really enjoys. I’d say we’ve somewhat bonded over Pokemon music in general, and although I am just a teensy bit intimidated to talk to him sometimes because he’s super cool shjskahffd, he is generally a very friendly and easy-to-talk-to person. Noodle is awesome~ =)



oh my gOD 




oh my gOD 



Pokeani 25 day challenge

  • Day 3: Favorite rival -> Harley
Forever mad at BW2

Forever mad at BW2